Independent telecommunications providers association

Who We Are

The Independent Telecommunications Providers Association (ITPA) is a non-profit organization that represents Independent Local Exchange Carriers in Ontario and British Columbia to governments, their various agencies and other industry players.

Currently the ITPA represents nineteen independent local exchange carriers that together serve over 100,000 access lines across rural Ontario and British Columbia.

Our Vision

The ITPA’s Vision is to play a critical role in assisting its members to successfully provide state-of-the-art telecommunications services to the benefit of their customers.

Our Mission

The ITPA represents the interests of SILECs from Ontario and British Columbia and acts as a forum for the sharing of expertise between member companies.

Our Objectives

  1. Establishing positions and direction in key areas such as technology, regulation, settlement and utility;
  2. Identifying industry issues and trends;
  3. Communicating compliance and governance guidelines;
  4. Ensuring clear paths of communication with members, government and the telecommunications industry.

In fulfilling its tasks, the Association acts as the SILECs’ liaison with the CRTC, Industry Canada and industry associates including Bell Canada, Bell Mobility and others.

Today, the nineteen ITPA Active Members serve approximately 100,000 access lines, employ highly skilled, highly technical rural and northern employees from both provinces and have invested over $200 million in telecommunications infrastructure. The member companies have various business structures – investor-owned companies, co-operative corporations, government-owned.

ITPA member companies are providers of wireline local, long distance, broadband and broadcasting services to both business and residential customers. They provide their customers with a full range of local telecommunications services – from digital phone service, to Internet, wireless and advanced information systems.

ITPA members have a profound impact on rural communities throughout Ontario and British Columbia. There is a tremendous socio-economic benefit to having healthy SILECs. They ensure local economies grow and that high-quality, technical employment is available to local residents. The continued evolution of Canada’s SILECs, within the ever-changing telecommunications sector, will have a significant impact in the development of vibrant rural and northern communities.